Raised as a Catholic, Fabienne Maria, who is french, began apprenticeship in New Age practices. From 15 to 32 years old, she was in New age and developed expertise in such areas as Past-Life Regression, Rosicrucians, magnetism, seances of mediumship, the Ouija board, belief in karma or reincarnation, New Age healers, telepathy, positive thinking, pendulums, belief in UFO’s and extraterrestrials, whitemagic, astral projection, New Age breathing, reading auras, opening of chakras, meditation, Kundalini, New Age relaxation music, Rosicrucianism, Martinism, Astrology, Numerology, Reiki, Yoga, crystals, palm reading, fortune telling, spiritism, and other occult practices.

In 1996, after a series of powerful conversion experiences, she returned to the Catholic Church, and is now a speaker witnessing and evangelizing, and explaining the deeper meaning and influences of the New Age movement.

Fabienne Maria has told her story via religious television and radio. She gave talks in 5 continents and various islands. 

She was interviewed by a Prelate of the Pope. She wrote five booklets on her conversion. They have Catholic Church’s imprimatur and nihil obstat. In the Catholic Church, an imprimatur is an official declaration by a Church authority that a book may be published.

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My illumination of conscience (published in Sign and wonder magazine)  




My testimony (published in Spirit Daily)


Evangelization in Indonesia – Divine Mercy Congress


Praise with the Catholic Charismatic Renewal

Evangelization in Australia

Evangelization in Canada


Evangelization in Africa

Evangelization in India

Evangelization in Italy


Evangelization in Germany


Evangelization in Spain


Evangelization in France

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Evangelization in the Netherlands

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Brought up as a Catholic, Fabienne Maria lost her way in the modern world and found herself in the grip of Satan. This happened slowly but surely. Like many others in the world today, Fabienne Maria started by simply getting caught up in the fashions of life in the modern world. Between the ages of 15 and 18 Fabienne drifted into mixing with people who engaged in petty theft, then heavy cigarette smoking, strong drink, dressing immodestly, hanging out in bars, taking the pill, taking on lovers, drugs and living a life without God in it at all.

Gradually this led on into involvement with much of the paraphernalia of the New Age Movement – numerology, astrology, spiritualism and all manner of the occult. Satan was closing his trap around Fabienne Maria’s soul: “I did not know that I was a victim of a serious haunting of impure spirits because of my ill-chosen paths in life, fortune telling, pendulum, astrology, horoscope, palm reading, initiation into yoga, esoteric meditation, opening of shakras, etc…I therefore sat next to this initiate in esoterism who set his hand upon me, he who had powers that he acquired from Satan, upon two of my shakras! The shakras: the shakra of the heart and that of the third eye! Then he told me that he transmitted the light to me. But at that moment, I did not know that it was the light of Lucifer”.

Fabienne Maria could not separate herself from the occult and delved into Rosicruciansim: “I was successful in many levels. At the 7th degree of the Temple, I stopped. As I always wanted to know more, and as I had listened to Satan’s voice “you will be as gods”, I decided to join a lodge in Marseille, where I had attended many initiations. But God who was watching me was there, waiting for me. You know, in my misery, he never abandoned me. God, Jesus, is Love!”

At the suggestion of a friend, Fabienne went on a pilgrimage  and asked for the assistance of the Blessed Virgin Mary. On leaving the Church there she spoke to a lady who told her: “You see, my sister, you cannot be saved with the life that you are leading”.

THE WARNING: Upon arriving in France, Fabienne Maria stopped at Nice and went to pray at the chapel of Saint Rita and to ask for help from the saint of desperate causes. “And now came a bolt of grace in my life! While looking at a poster of the Sacred Heart of Jesus I heard His voice telling me: “My holy wounds will save you!” Through this, Jesus was coming to warn me that he was going to help me find the way to salvation.” God gave me my first supernatural experience in the illumination of conscience: “(Jesus) showed me my soul enclosed within the Beast…I saw the demons that surrounded me and were ready to take me to the place of darkness…more deeply into my soul I saw myself as a Hyena as I descended into the abyss, into the crater of fire, blaspheming and hating God, like the damned. The state of my soul was the result of my sins…Satan told me in his fury: “I condemned you to the punishment of Hell”. I did not know that Satan was burning in Hell and wanted all to burn with him…I heard my soul saying: “Satan, I love you!” It was truly horrible! I was a rotting demon!”…then I heard Satan speaking to the Blessed Virgin: “I hold them all. I will have them all”…If you only knew how the Blessed Virgin sheds tears because she sees the Beast engulf more and more souls…she sheds many tears of blood.”


Jesus then pulled Fabienne Maria from the abyss and said to her: “I am your only master. Listen to my Word, observe my commandments.” It was a struggle for Fabienne to leave her civil husband because she realised they were not married in the eyes of God. She found a priest who was willing to bless their civil union but when the blessing was finished: “…God made me to understand that it was a lie…it was forbidden to procreate because we did not have the sacrament of Matrimony”.

Fabienne Maria went to confession: “So I went to a priest who received me with great love but who was quite surprised to see me come with 5 or 6 pages of sins every time. I began to recite my sins without looking at him because I was very ashamed at that time. If I could have slithered into the ground when naming them, I would have. What I did not know is that the demons who had penetrated me because of New Age techniques returned to hell during confession. Dear brothers and sisters, more and more I felt the Jesus of love who was drawing me near Him in the tabernacle; it was irresistible and I spent my afternoons near him in order to speak to him and do the stations of the cross for the deliverance of the souls of purgatory. When we pray for the deceased, in turn, they pray for us.”

”Every morning for years, I went to church to do the Stations of the Cross. Then I attended Lauds before mass. During the day, I recite the rosary and the Saint Michael the Archangel chaplet and I also pray the Divine Mercy chaplet at 3.00 p.m. so as to implore the mercy of God for all my brothers and sisters that I love. You know, dear brothers and sisters, no sin will exhaust the great mercy of God and the more we draw from it, the more it grows! Let none of you fear to approach Jesus of love, because the flames of his mercy burn in him and he wants to pour them out on you. I who, in Esotericism, knew a God without love, an energy God, I can witness to you that it is in the Catholic Church of Rome, the only one founded by Jesus of love on Saint Peter, that I encountered a God of tenderness whose heart melts with love for each one among us.”

ON ABORTION: “Abortion is murder. When Jesus and Mary visited me I cried and repented…”

ON DIVORCE: “After our civil wedding, Jesus of Love came and asked me for continence and reparation for my sin. From that moment on, Jesus showed me the demons who surrounded my soul and who wanted to take me with them to hell”.

HOMOSEXUALITY: “I had many homosexual friends. God, Who loves them madly, wants to save them all. To be saved, however, they need to observe chastity.”

Fabienne Maria is fluent in English and is happy to speak to groups anywhere she is invited to do so.


May God fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit !

Divine Mercy Chaplet 3 O’clock Prayer


The Lord dedicated fourteen revelations to Saint Faustina :

 « By the prayer of this Rosary, I am pleased to grant any request.  Whoever says it, will reach great Mercy at the hour of death.  Even the most a hardened sinner, if it says this Rosary, even a single time, will obtain the grace of my infinite Mercy « . 

 « When sinners say this Rosary, I will fill their souls with peace, and will be happy the hour of its death.  They will not be fearful.  My Mercy will protect them in this last fight « . 

« I will defend like My glory each soul that prays this rosary at the hour of death, or when others say it next to the dying one, it will obtain the same pardon.  When this rosary is said near a dying one, the divine wrath is appeased and the unfathomable mercy surrounds the soul and the entrails of My mercy are moved by the painful Passion of My Son” 

« When they recite this Rosary next to the dying, I will be between the Father and the dying soul, not like right Judge, but like a Merciful Redeemer « . 

 « To the souls that say this chaplet, My mercy will especially surround them in life and at the time of death ». 

« My Daughter, encourage souls to say the chaplet that I have given you.  To those who say this chaplet, I am pleased in giving them what they request from Me.  When the hardened sinners, pray it, I will overwhelm their souls with peace and the hour of death will be happy « . 

« Priests can offer this Rosary to the sinners, as the last resort ». 

« Oh, what enormous of graces I will spill on the souls that say this Chaplet.  The entrails of my Mercy are mellowed when they say the Chaplet.  Write these words down, my daughter, speaks to the world of My mercy so that all mankind knows of My infinite mercy.  It is a sign of the last times, after the day of justice will come.  There is still time for them to resort to Source of My Mercy, let them benefit from the Blood and Water that flowed for them ».  


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