Letter of recommandation – Catholic Church


 I, the undersigned, Father Gilles VISSOUKPO, priest of the Roman Catholic Church, Director of Diocesan Spiritual Center and Director of Diocesan Mass Media, recommend Fabienne Guerréro who makes known, in the entire world, her personal spiritual experience that has changed her life of faith and led her to proclaim the Gospel throughout the whole world.   She makes known Our Lord Jesus-Christ’s message through the witnessing of her personal conversion.

She also makes known the message that the merciful Jesus-Christ dictated to Saint Faustina Kowalska concerning His divine mercy.

Since 15 years, she assists, worldwide, people seeking in discerning the call to spiritual companionship.  She is a spiritually experienced person in the light of faith.

She has given several talks on different topics such as Spiritual warfare, Healing, Forgiveness, Holy Spirit, Marian Spirituality, Divine Mercy devotion, New Age dangers, Tenderness of God, Love of God, Life of Saints, teachings on Sacraments, sacramentals, prayers, abortion, Heaven, Purgatory and hell, sins …

I personally endorse Fabienne Guerrero’s personal presentation and her witnessing as it is faithful to Catholic Doctrine.

Kind regards,

Father Gilles VISSOUKPO

Diocesan Director